How much are home CCTV systems?

Home safety is one of the most important things. CCTV cameras can be applied easily in home in order to provide safety and security. Home CCTV systems are available in different prices in market. The price of the system depends upon its characteristics and properties. The cameras which are placed inside or outside the home can be automatically switch between day and night modes. This will help the owner in viewing the things well.


The cost breakdown includes the following points. These are as follows:

1. Software which is installed on home computer.

2. It includes a USB receiver which is plugged into an available outlet.

3. Wireless security cameras.

4. Network attached storage devices. Such devices are also known as DVR. It is not a difficult task to install a DVR CCTV camera in home.

Now let’s discuss about the review of the fee for such a system would evolve.

1. The cost of two digital cameras with a LCD monitor is available in $450.

2. NAS equipments are available with the memory space of 1 TB. The price of NAS equipment is $168.

3. The installation fee four hours along with an electrician is provided between $260 to $340.

CCTV cameras help in providing a good safety and security to its customers.

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